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Penguin Island

Clear blue water between rockingham and penguin islandThe clear blue water next to the jetty where the ferry departs for penquin islandPenguin Island is just off the Rockingham beach. The great thing about his Island is that its so close to the main land that you can walk through the water. There’s a shallow sandbank that stretches all the way to the island, so most people just walk over there. If you don’t want to risk the chance of being stranded with high tide then you can take the ferry across. There’s also a couple of boat cruises/tours that you can book from the shop near the jetty. Once you’re on the Island there are plenty of fun stuff to do like swimming, snorkeling, fishing, surfing or having a picnic, but choose a good day, it can get a bit windy out there.


  1. James D says:

    I live just across the road and it can get pretty windy. You always see allot of kite surfers out there.

  2. Pippa says:

    I think that walking across can be quite dangerous because of tide changes. I’m fairly sure that a few people have actually died walking along the sandbar when the tide is rising.

  3. Sam says:

    You are right, 2 guys have drowned there over the Christmas break. I think they’ve missed the last ferry back and the sea was very rough, they got swept of the sandbar into the deep water. I would only walk across that sandbar on a calm day and if I know what the wheather will be like in the afternoon.

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